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2019 Old Mutual Two Ocean's Half Marathon... the aftermath

2019 saw us running our 2nd Two Ocean's Half Marathon. We knew the route. We knew the uphill to be scared off is not Southern Cross Drive, but the Edinburgh Hill. As this hill hits you within the first 2km after the start. When your legs are still cold.

We had a plan. Well sort off. Finish. We were about 2 months behind in our training, due to injuries and death in the family. And boy! Did that lag behind caught up!! It is not as if we were not training. We did. Completed LSD's, some speed & hill training. We should have been perfectly fine. Except. I was not. The stress the week before was more hectic than I realized. It resulted in me barely being able to put one foot in front of the other after about 6k's.

The fact that I lost Brian (my husband, pacer, training partner & cheerleader) between kilometer 4 & 6 did not help either. He broke off to throw something away in a bin, and I kept on walking fast. After a while I realized he is not next to me and I started to panic. Waves and waves of runners just spilled over me. I kept moving forward and luckily we found each other later. The dreaded and most talked about point during the race appeared: Southern Cross Drive. A never ending hill that this year broke me. And I am used to running Chapmanspeak & Boyes Drive. I could not stop the walking and start running. My only thoughts were: "don't stop. don't stop. keep moving." It helped to an extent. The rain was so welcome and amazing on the approach to Kirstenbosch, but it made me run funny. I tried to avoid the yellow & white paint as rain makes it extremely slippery, as well as all the discarded plastic sachets.

The 18k cut-off point came & went and the last 3k towards the finish line was a constant mental battle. I did not even have any energy left to push past runners. No amount of spectators shouting and rooting could motivate me. I was just aiming to haul ass over the finish line and to get it over & done with. Within the given time.

Lessons Learnt:

1. There is no need to stress or panic. Trust the training, and most important, trust your running partner.

2. Find ways to distract yourself during the run. Once you give your head time to mule over the pain & discomfort, you are loosing. A good tip from Brian is to count. I found it only helps during some stages. I have actually started to recite songs, it seems to help a bit.

3. There will be bad races. This was one. Take what you can from it and move on. Don't let one bad race stop you altogether from running.

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