Always Earned

Never Given


Starting Line

My running journey started when I was in Primary School. Taking cue from my Dad who was an Ultra runner and multiple Comrades finisher. I remember hitting the road with a Walkman in my ears and running a few times around the block. Back then I had a big stop watch to record my times. I did not really had dreams of becoming a big runner. It was just exercise. Fast Forwarding to years after school, damaged shins that never healed properly & the ballooning in weight. Is that not where all runners’ stories start? The weight wake-up call? Mine was exactly that, and as a bonus, I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure. At the age of 34. Something had to change.

Cue the life style change. And a gym contract. That was actually used! It started slowly. Walking on the treadmill. Eventually slow running on the treadmill. Realizing but I can run. Slowly hitting the road again. Joining Catch Me If You Can running groups. Park Runs. Eventually entering races. 2 Years later with multiple races under the belt and 6x Half Marathons.

Welcome to my Running Journey.


Always Earned. Never Given.